Meet the Team


Cloud Solutions

Stratus5 is at the forefront of cloud container automation technology and application deployment.

Next Generation Technology

Our technology has the capability to power the next generation of cloud enabled applications, and provide an automation backbone for the future of the Internet, and data security.

Solution Architects

Our competition is busy solving problems we solved years ago, meanwhile we have architected global automation solutions for a wide range of business applications.


Our mission is to help you automate your business from the server level up to the application level.

Our Story

Founded by Patrick Bolger and Christopher Karatzinis in 2008, Stratus5 massively automates the deployment, management, and monitoring of Docker containers with a full set of integrated functionality and demonstrated scalability to millions of containers.

Using Stratus5, any application (including WordPress, open source applications, and commercial applications) can run as full end-to-end cloud applications where they can enjoy a full sent of integrated business functionality. As well as benefit from an industry leading container management platform, and provide one of the lowest cost cloud operating environments. This approach enables the essential capabilities of any cloud-based business, while greatly improving security, and scalability.

With Stratus5, application companies gain all the technical and business cloud capabilities required to deploy, manage, distribute and monetize applications in the cloud, enabling them to focus on their applications and not worry about building a cloud platform. With the Stratus5 Cloud Business Platform, vendors get a turnkey solution to migrate any web application to a full, end-to-end, Software as a Service on-demand business model regardless of the technology stack and without re-architecting of the application.

In addition to the core Status5 core products, Stratus5 launched to showcase a set of Stratus5 solutions for WordPress. It demonstrates 1-click deployable WordPress installs that can easily be saved, cloned, and monetized using a Software as a Service business model.

Our Team

Jeffrey E. Engelmann

Jeffrey E. Engelmann

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Jeffrey Engelmann is responsible for company strategy, go-to-market execution, operations, and board and investor relations. Jeffrey is an experienced leader with credentials in marketing, sales, and operations earned in Fortune 500, new public company, and start-up environments. Prior to Stratus5, Jeffrey served as Executive Vice President of Worldwide Marketing of VMware. He also served as General Manager and Vice President, Business Development and Global Marketing of NorthStar; Vice President, Business Development and Product Marketing for Interwoven; and various sales, marketing, and leadership roles at IBM including Business Unit Executive and Operations Executive Assistant for the IBM Internet Division.
Christopher Karatzinis

Christopher Karatzinis

Co-founder, CTO

As CTO, Christopher Karatzinis leads the technical team of Stratus5, setting the company’s product roadmap and the overall architecture. Christopher founded Stratus5 in 2008 with Pat Bolger. The co-founders already had successfully established Compisol, the IT solutions provider that built Ireland’s first online stock trading system and was a Deloitte Fast 50 winner in 2003, and SAASENT Technologies, where Christopher led the implementation of many SaaS projects for Christopher graduated from University of Agean with a degree in Mathematics and has a Masters in IT Security from UCD.
Mike Reilly

Mike Reilly

Lead Investor

Mike is the former global CTO of JP Morgan. He is an acknowledged specialist in IT infrastructure services and financial services technology. Mike held various managerial roles during a 14 year career at JPM including include 
Worldwide CTO, Head of Architecture and Strategy for the Chase Financial Services retail business line, MD of LabMorgan Ventures, and Head of the Global Technology Infrastructure Organization. Mike is a founding partner of Sadlier Reilly Capital LLP a seed investment fund for promising growth companies.
Trent Lapinski

Trent Lapinski

VP of Products and Solutions

As VP of Business Development, Trent Lapinski is responsible for building partner relationships and satisfaction. He has more than 15 years of sales and business development experience at global software companies as well as startups. Trent founded CyberChimps Responsive WordPress Themes in 2011, and was responsible for well over 4.9 million downloads worth of responsive WordPress themes and templates before selling the company for a successful exit. An accomplishment that helped millions of people launch tens of millions of mobile friendly websites globally.