Cloudware Business Services

Stratus5 SaaS Business Services

Product Management, Customer Management, Channel Management, Trials Management, Support Ticketing, and Business Analytics.

Stratus5 Application Services

Application Management, Update and Patch Management, Integration Manager, Revenue Management, Instance Management, Domain Management.

Stratus5 Platform Services

System Monitoring, Data Backup & Recovery, Resource Manager, Messaging Services, Security Management, Container Management.

1-Click Live Trial and Application Management

Trials create value for prospective customers increasing conversions. Update management for apps.

Subscription Billing and Price Management

Subscription billing, e-mail notification automation, product pricing, and reseller management.

Customer Management and Support

Helps partners easily support and manage customers applications.

Marketing Automation and Business Analytics

Automated upselling. Track recurring revenue, plans, subscriptions, lifetime value, and forecasts.

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