Cloud Application Manager

Advanced Application Deployment

Easily manage your existing applications and tech stack with 1-click deploys, save, scale, and clone them from an easy to use control panel.

Customer Management

Manage customers invoices, subscriptions, pricing plans, deployments, and push updates.

Comprehensive Analytics

Track everything from customers application meta data, to revenue including churn, pricing plans, subscriptions, recurring revenue, lifetime value, and forecasts.


Automate your software as a service business from deployments to revenue subscriptions to customer management.

Cloud Application Manager

Cloud Application Manager (CAM) is an admin panel to manage partners, hosting, and revenue. At the customer level, CAM allows customers to manage applications, save images, clone images, access terminal, and logs. CAM also manages customer invoicing, subscriptions, pricing plans, and customer deployments, as well as a full analytics platform to track churn, plans, subscriptions, recurring revenue, lifetime value, and forecasts. It is the control panel to manage, and automate your own software as a service business.

Track Every Penny You Make

 Track meta data, churn, plans, subscriptions, recurring revenue, lifetime value, and forecasts

Reseller Capabilities

Manage partners, hosting, and global revenue.


Customer Acquisition

  • Customizable Registration Process
  • Customizable Login Process
  • Free Trials
  • Credit Card Capture upon Registration (Configurable)


Customer and Partner Management

  • SSH Terminal Container Access
  • Container File Browser
  • Multi-Level Reseller / Customer Hierarchy
  • White-Label / Private Label Services
  • Temporary Login Tokens
  • Automated Customisable Email Correspondance
  • Advanced Customer & Revenue Analytics
  • Product Management
  • Price Plans
  • Custom Resource Pricing



  • SaaS Billing
  • End Customer Credit Card Capture
  • Partner Credit Card Capture for Partner Billing
  • Partner Cost Plus Billing on per Instance Deployed Basis
  • Automated Credit Card Processing
  • Ability for Partners to links their own Stripe and PayPal Accounts
  • Invoice Generation
  • Customizable Invoice Templates
  • Revenue Reporting
  • PayPal Integration
  • Resource Billing (User, Instance, Storage, Bandwidth)
  • Multi-Currency Support (1 per tenant only)
  • Partner Automated Funds Transfer

Partner On-boarding

  • Self Service Registration
  • Partner Approval
  • Self Service Application Integration



  • Temporary Login Tokens
  • SSL Certificates
  • Credit Card Validation
  • Partner CAPTCHA Support
  • End Customer CAPTCHA Support


Platform Plugins

  • Single Sign-On
  • Name Server Integration
  • Identity / User / Password Management
  • Reporting & Analytics



  • Fully White Labeled Platform
  • Localisation Awareness
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Install Themes & Plugins via API
  • Staging / Sandbox Environment