Cloud Container Manager


Container Management

Have full control over each application container individually without affecting other applications or users.

Manage Repositories

Create, and manage container repositories of tech stacks and applications.

Manage Images

Manage saved images of containers running applications.

Hosting Nodes

Easily configure and control hosting nodes.

Cloud Container Manager

Cloud Container Manager is a docker container management system for managing containers, repositories, images, and hosting nodes. It is the admin panel to easily manage and scale millions of containers.

Full Container Control

Easily Create New Containers


Container Management and Support

Manage Deployed Containers

Create, Start, Stop, Restart; Container Name, Hosting Node, IP Address, RAM, Swap Space, Disk Space, Container Ports to Node Parts, Environment Variables etc.

Manage Repository groups

Administer complex, multicomponent deployments.

Manage Repositories

Container Stack Templates: WordPress, Ruby, Prestashop, LAMP etc.

Manage Images (container snapshots)

Container Snapshots: Edit, Delete, Restore

Manage Hosting Nodes

Manage Servers That Containers Can Be Deployed To: Enable / Disable, Edit Name, IP Address, SSH Access, Key Paths & Passphrases, Set Container Limits etc.

Generic Container Configuration

Scripts Used For All Containers: Base URL, SSH Tunnel, Database Config, RDHCP Config. Container Initilization

Note: RDHCP – Allows containers (IP/Port pairs) to be moved between servers without causing port conflicts.

Application Deployment

Automated Application Deployment

Single-click End Customer Application Deployment

Virtualized Application Stacks

Multiple Application Instances Per End Customer

Multiple Application Versions Per Partner

Multiple Application Stacks Per Server

Regional Deployments

Customer Code & Database Access

DNS Record Administration


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