Cloud Server Manager

Manage Regions

Manage regions from US, EU, and Asia.

Manage Servers and Resources

Manage data centers from Amazon to Google, as well as manage resources from containers to disk space, and memory.


Get notified when something goes wrong. Our monitoring system notifies you of errors, and problems.

Application and Patch Manager

Apply patches across all servers and containers.

Cloud Server Manager

Cloud Server Manager is a system admin control panel for managing regions, server farms, servers, resources, resource types, configuration groups, global config, and monitoring. It is the control panel for managing your cloud infrastructure.

Complete Cloud Server Management

Get Notified When Something Goes Wrong


Manage Regions 


Manage Server Farms

Data Centers: Amazon, Google, OVH

Note: We can support other data centers.

Manage Resources

Containers, Type Disk Space, RAM

Manage Resource Types

Docker, LXC, JAIL

Configuration Groups

Nginx: HTTP, HTTPS; HAProxy: Memcache etc.

Global Configuration

File locations: virtual hosts, certificates, API URL’s, System Passwords, Versioning etc. 


Platform, Server & Container Alerts & Notifications.

Application & Patch Manager

Apply patches across all servers and containers.

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