WordPress Business Automation 

The Challenge

 WordPress has a deployment problem.

Developers are unable to package WordPress with their themes and plugins and sell their software as a packaged monthly service.


The Solution

Stratus5 has solved this problem by developing an advanced business automation platform for WordPress and other applications.

Our automation platform enables developers to package any theme or plugin with WordPress and sell it as a monthly service direct to consumers. Including 1-click deployment automation, trial management, customer service functionality, customer management, business analytics, marketing automation, domain setup and management, and subscription payment processing.


Stratus5 DevOps and Automation

Stratus5 has nearly a decade of Developer Operations or DevOps and cloud automation experience. Ranging from container automation, to APIs, to marketing and business automation services. By applying our experience and technology with WordPress we can assist in a wide range of multi-cloud WordPress implementations and solutions.

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