Cloud Automation

Manage, automate, and monetize any application in the cloud with Stratus5.

Software as a Service Automation

Stratus5 empowers developers by providing a comprehensive solution to deploy, scale, and monetize applications in the cloud.


Stratus5 leverages the latest in Docker and container management to provide one the most advanced orchestration systems available for SaaS applications.

SaaS Manager

Manage your business with an easy to use dashboard with all the white-label  tools you need to successfully monetize SaaS applications.


Stratus5 manages the cloud for you on any major cloud provider, or bring your own cloud. With Stratus5 we can deploy your apps to any server.

Any App, Any Cloud

Stratus5 seamlessly automates the deployment and monetization for any application that fits inside a Docker container, including popular open source applications like WordPress. 

Customer Management

Data Analytics

Data Backup and Recovery


White Label Settings

Container Management

Subscription Billing Management

Finance Analytics



Advanced Security

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