A Cloud Business Platform to Launch and Operate Your SaaS Business

Stratus5 offers software application vendors and resellers a Cloud Business Platform that enables them to quickly launch and operate their SaaS business with no upfront costs. Stratus5 enables application vendors to quickly transform any single-tenanted web application built on any technology stack into a multi-instance service in the cloud in just days without the need to reengineer their application for the cloud.

The Status5 Cloud Business Platform offers a full-service solution that includes all the business and technical capabilities required to operate a SaaS business – thus enabling application vendors to focus fully on their applications and their business without having to worry about the underlying cloud technology.

Solution Highlights
  • A Full-service solution to launch your SaaS business in just days with no upfront costs
  • Cloud Deployment (any app on any stack) – ‘SaaS’ify any web application built on any stack with no application coding required
  • Product Management – Includes product configuration, pricing and promotion management
  • Customer Management – Full customer lifecycle management including trialing, conversion and ongoing customer communications
  • Channel Management – Multi-level reseller recruitment, sales management, contracts & commissions management
  • Revenue Management – Automated billing, payment processing with multi-currency support
  • Customer Support Management – Includes customer support management and direct customer instance access for resolution
  • Application Management – Includes a host of cloud application services including automated application provisioning, update & patch management, domain management, application customization, open integration framework, performance management and more
  • Business Intelligence – Includes a suite of pre-built reports on customers, channel, applications, revenue, support and more
  • Fully Managed Cloud Infrastructure Service – Based on a scalable, reliable, secure cloud infrastructure that leading vendors depend on to run their cloud business. Includes resource mgt, security mgt, messaging services, backup & restore and other cloud services
  • A Single Console to manage everything – A single console for monitoring and managing infrastructure, applications, customers , channel partners and your cloud business

Stratus5 offers a truly open, multi-instance solution with full accessibility, complete customizability and easy portability in the cloud.

WordPress Has A Problem, and Stratus5 Has A Solution

The biggest problem with WordPress isn’t the fact WordPress is 26% of the Internet, nor is it the code itself; the problem is in how we host it and offer it to customers as service.

With WPdocker, Stratus5 has solved the WordPress hosting problem in a single platform that manages everything from scaling, tech stack management, deployment, to resource management, monitoring, to as-a-service monetization automation. In other words, we are the next generation developer operations platform to enable WordPress developers to create their own software as a service business.

By leveraging Docker containers, Stratus5 can disrupt both the low-end shared hosting model, as well as the high-end VPS hosting model with a fully scalable container based solution. Meanwhile, deploying to any major cloud provider including Amazon, OVH, and Google Cloud.

Stratus5 has the potential to disrupt the current hosting ecosystem for WordPress, and transition users to WordPress as a service maintained by WordPress developers. This helps WordPress developers stay in business sustainably, as well as provide managed  niche offerings for consumers.

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