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Stratus5 Cloudware

Cloud Container Automation Platform

Stratus5 empowers enterprise customers by providing a comprehensive solution for secure cloud container automation.

Stratus5 seamlessly deploys, automates, and secures cloud containers (including Docker) for any application, on any cloud hosting provider.

Stratus5 Cloudware Business Services

Stratus5 SaaS Business Services

Product Management, Customer Management, Channel Management, Trials Management, Support Ticketing, and Business Analytics.

Stratus5 Application Services

Application Management, Update and Patch Management, Integration Manager, Revenue Management, Instance Management, Domain Management.

Stratus5 Platform Services

System Monitoring, Data Backup & Recovery, Resource Manager, Messaging Services, Security Management, Container Management.

1-Click Live Trial and Application Management

Trials create value for prospective customers increasing conversions. Update management for apps.

Subscription Billing and Price Management

Subscription billing, e-mail notification automation, product pricing, and reseller management.

Customer Management and Support

Helps partners easily support and manage customers applications.

Marketing Automation and Business Analytics

Automated upselling. Track recurring revenue, plans, subscriptions, lifetime value, and forecasts.

Direct to Consumer Automation

Container technology has become the standard, and Stratus5 is the most advanced production ready business automation solution.

The Problem

  • Traditional cloud infrastructure scales poorly increasing costs and overhead. Meanwhile, it suffers from poor security, data consolidation, and lack of data versatility and portability between cloud providers.

  • Current container management systems do not offer direct to consumer automation, operations automation (backups, upgrades), or product monetization (billing, resellers).

The Solution: Stratus5 Cloudware

  • Stratus5 automates deployment, delivery and monetization of Docker containers improving efficiency, and reducing costs.

  • Stratus5 is one of the most secure Docker container platforms, and also supports KVM, Xen, and other container types.

  • Stratus5 automates backups, encryption, data migration, and geo-distribution while remaining cloud agnostic so you can easily migrate between cloud providers.

  • With value-added business services and integration for a white labeled Containers-As-A-Service business model.

Multi-Cloud Integration

Our platform is multi-cloud, and 100% cloud agnostic. We simultaneously deploy to multiple cloud partners such as AWS, Google Cloud, IBM, etc.

Our platform works with any tech stack, application, and most cloud providers.

Advanced Container Security

The Stratus5 architecture was designed to provide secure data isolation between containers and customers.

Stratus5 has already deployed over 1+ million containers in our secure virtual network environment.

Cloud Business Management

Cloud Server

Cloud Container

Cloud Application

Our Products

Cloud Server Manager

Cloud Server Manager is a system admin control panel for managing regions, server farms, servers, resources, resource types, configuration groups, global config, and monitoring. It is the control panel for managing your cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Container Manager

Cloud Container Manager is a docker container management system for managing deployed containers, repositories, images, and hosting nodes. It is the admin panel to easily manage and scale millions of containers.

Cloud Application Manager

Cloud Application Manager (CAM) is an admin panel to manage partners, hosting, and revenue. At the customer level, CAM allows customers to manage applications, save images, clone images, access terminal, and logs. CAM also manages customer invoicing, subscriptions, pricing plans, and customer deployments, as well as a full analytics platform to track churn, plans, subscriptions, recurring revenue, lifetime value, and forecasts. It is the control panel to manage, and automate your own software as a service business.

Frequently Asked Questions

While container technology such as Docker is new, Stratus5 isn’t. We were founded in 2008, and have been on the forefront of container technology for over half a decade. This is why we have three major product lines that all work seamlessly together while our competitors are still trying to solve problems we solved years ago. Our platforms serve a wide range of business applications from banking, to web apps, to VOIP, to any application you can run on a server.

It may come as a surprise to many people that our solutions are fully production ready, and has already been battle tested at an enterprise level with our existing customers. In fact, we’ve been deploying over 400 containers per day for well over a year now, and our system is fully scalable into the millions.

Is your solution production ready?

Absolutely. We’ve been deploying over 400 enterprise level applications per day for over a year now, and have deployed over 1 million containers.

Is your container solution secure?

Extremely secure.

The Stratus5 architecture is designed to provide secure data isolation between containers and customers offering a wide range of encryption and security implementations.

What kind of clients do you work with?

We can containerize and deploy just about any tech stack, and application. This includes anything from web applications such as WordPress, to internal software, to more complex server side applications. In other words, we can put most applications in a container enabling them to be easily automated, secured, and scaled in the cloud.

How much does it cost?

Our Cloud Application Manager is free to try.

We use a revenue sharing model in which you only pay us after a customer deploys your application. In other words, we only get paid if you get paid. We offer flexible revenue sharing, and in some cases we can offer a flat fee per container for basic applications such as WordPress, or Drupal.

Interested in trying our platform with WordPress? Check out WPdocker:

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